Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Two Years in Business - SALE!

The Undie Factory will celebrate their second full year in business on Monday 20th June 2011. To mark this occasion, each day from the 01st June 2011 until 20th June, we will be offering one of our products at over 50% off the recommended retail price.

Each day at 00:01 GMT we will set a product to an exclusive price. All the prices will also include free UK delivery and the products will remain at the promotional price until the items sell out or the promotion ends on 20th June.

Stock is limited, but we will have most sizes available on all products each day, we aren't just trying to get rid of sizes we have left. For all the products we are selling across the promotion there is over 6000 items in stock. 

There will be a small charge for international orders at £3 per order. This is purely due to the low prices we can not offer international shipping. However if you are purchasing a normal priced item along with your order this fee will be waived.

How can we offer such great prices?

We purchase our products direct from the brands. In this case the majority of items on promotion will be Calvin Klein products. Calvin Klein offer us discounts on a select product range twice annually. Previously we have offered these discounts via sitewide discounts (ie 15% / 20% Off). However, as we have bought so many of specific products we have decided to offer these specific products at huge discounts. On some of the intended offerings we will be making a loss as these will be completed for the intention of clearing discontinued stock.

You can find out more at the Undie Factory Sale page on their website.

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