Monday, 29 June 2009

Who Are We?

We felt like our ugly pictures which we had up before were scaring customers away. So we got rid of those (you might beable to find them on Google Cache for a while.

Well working at the office of the Undie Factory are Ken & Gareth who are the co-founders ... it sounds just like the humble beginnings of HP, only slightly less co-ordinated and probably alot messier. We now have adequate shelving solutions thanks to IKEA, which keep our CKs and future brands nice and safely stored. After all there are about 1000 items in stock.

I would post a picture of the office, but if you image 1980's boardroom, with the chunkiest table in the world, cardboard boxes, a drum kit and packaging materials, the biggest laser printer in the world that could be considered for home use, then you could well be there. I will add an image soon.

We set the Undie Factory up after a thought about a new business venture. Three years earlier I had worked on the idea but gave up due to lack of funds for stock, I had just returned home from travelling around for too long and owed copious amounts of money to my mother for the privledge. I returned to the venture early this year as something to invest the cash I had in the bank into, as well I love running a business. It helps if I own it so my mistakes are my own fault and only affect me, plus less stress and more fun, but of course a professional customer service based organisation.

We decided to go with two core brands Ginch Gonch and Calvin Klein as they are quite mainstream. The approach for the business is premium brands at discounted prices, so that we can offer great value for money products, and free shipping to boot. We work on fine margins, buying direct from the brands, hence the unsexiness of our office.

Our aim is to achieve volume to make the business a success, and in the first week of trade we have had a quite unprecedented response, with double figures of units being sold and we have yet to do any real marketing. It was kinda, if you build it they will come. We expected to be going weeks with no sales, so thanks and keep buying.

One full month gone in business and we are still here, and thanks to our customers we have achieved several hundred items which have safely arrived with our customers, give or take a few mishaps by Royal Mail.

We are always looking for other brands and products, so if you want to pitch something to us. Just drop us an email, you can find it on the website.

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