Monday, 3 August 2009

Experimental Underwear Finishes Month-Long Wear Test

Via ... The Gadget Blog

So your a Japanese company working on the J-Wear, underwear that’s “designed to be anti-bacterial, odor free, flame retardant, static free and water resistant”. How do you test it? Get a Japanese astronaut to try it out on the International Space Station for a month!

Koichi Wakata took a big step for mankind, probably breaking the record for consecutive days faced with the same underwear. Last we heard, Wakata is back from space, and his month-old apparel is now undergoing serious testing by (of course Japanese) scientists to determine its effective.

It’s honestly hard imagining for a pair of groin covers to remain effectively unsullied after a month of continuous use. The junction between a human’s legs is easily one of the dirtiest parts of our anatomy, thanks to constant skin-to-skin contact that accompanies the constant covering required by societal propriety. And how many here are willing to admit their relative failure to clean up their waste conveyors after use?

But there’s a reason why people should hope that the J-Wear project is successful. Aside from making longer trips into space much more practical (light packing and fewer resource use for laundry anyone?), this would probably make long travel trips much more bearable. And of course, once you conquer one of the potentially most stinky place of the human, who’s to say working J-Wear fabric wouldn’t be utilized for normal, overwear clothing?

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