Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Undie Factory May Update

Many thanks to all of you for making April our busiest month to date. June will see the first anniversary of the Undie Factory, and sales have grown far beyond where we thought they would at this stage.

We are now also listed on My Voucher Codes, the leading online coupon website.

From June some exciting things will be happening to ensure that we grow even further;

An actual person in the office from 10am - 4pm every day

We are commiting to ensure that we have someone in the office 6 hrs a day to respond to queries, and even answer a phone call or two daily. This will really improve our service to you, with hopefully faster responses to your queries and also ensuring that all confirmations including tracking information are sent to buyers.

Phone transactions

We are also hoping to implement a phone ordering and purchasing support with the ability to pay over the phone including for orders that are abandoned or that can't be processed due to technical difficulties.

More pictures

We are going to start adding additional product images to each product page and overall try to improve the quality of the website, with that we are also creating v2.0 of the website, by a professional, not just my basic web design skills.

More blog, facebook and twitter updates

We shall be from June also keeping our twitter, facebook and blog up to date with daily posting to all three, in some way managed by Ken who is a social media addict.

Pride events

Hopefully if we can squeeze in the time to get to a few events around the country this Summer we will promoting the Undie Factory.

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