Saturday, 29 May 2010

Keeping Track Of Your Orders

iPad Deliveries

At the Undie Factory we have had issues in the passed with items going astray and missing, but thankfully this only affects a small amount of orders, and no item as yet has actually gone missing, but sometimes the postie as diligent as they are sometimes forget to put that "while you were out" card through the door.

So we are now ensuring each order receives an automated email with tracking code for each shipment they receive. These are sent after the item has been dispatched, and you should receive one within 24hrs on weekdays, or the next working day after you have ordered. This is so you can track your item more efficiently.

We are also keeping track of all orders using new software which keeps track of all our packages, and informs us when they have been delivered, so that we can spot items which haven't been delivered or items which attempts have been made, in these cases we will issue an email notification to the buyer so that they know an attempt has been made.

We are also using the software to keep track of delivery times, especially in recent months with postal strikes before Christmas and the ash cloud over Europe, this will help us give more accurate information to customers on expected delivery times, and to areas which may be suffering more extreme delays.

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