Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Dirty Truth About Men's Underwear

A fresh pair of underwear and socks each day is certainly not something we give a thought to, however shocking statistics have been uncovered by Mintel suggesting that only 78% of British men change their underwear and socks on a daily basis. With British women achieving a bit more respectable 95%. You would think they could hold back on airing our dirty laundry in public but no it made it to The Huffington Post, The Times of India and even South Africa's IOL.

"Our research reveals there is a distinct whiff of laziness amongst men in the UK today when it comes to underwear. You might assume that for personal hygiene reasons everyone puts on clean underwear when they get dressed at the start of the day, yet only eight in ten men appear to be doing so. It seems that the influence of a partner is a positive one when it comes to changing underwear and socks, with those who are married more likely to change their underwear on a daily basis (88%)."

Richard Caines, Senior Consumer Analyst at Mintel

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